About me

About me

Hi! My name is Zaira, 22, from GenSan, Philippines. a dreamer, explorer & a friend :)
i love learning new things. i read a lot mostly blogs and books. I'm addicted to arts & crafts.
i love colors, photos, flowers,ink, papers,and everyyything.
i love DIY projects. i just love the feeling of fulfillment and productivity that you get when you do things by your own. 
I graduated college year 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Business, Major in Management Accounting.
I work now but i realized corporate world wasn't really my thing. there comes a time that 
i think of leaving my job as an accounting staff but i decided to give it a time since
i'm still undecided of what i really want to do with my life (wether to do business? 
career change? let's just see) and i need MONEY. -_-

About this blog

I made this blog year 2011 but not that really active.
Why enter blogging?
Maybe because.. through reading blogs i have realized the real purpose & the benefits as well of blogging. I've learned that not only you get to share yourself to other people
but you can learn from them too. You may touch others lives and i see it as a room
for self- improvement also. 
I guess everything here would be all about my life, my laughs and my love. :) 
learning never stops as they say that's why maybe i'm here, exploring what this 
life has to offer (there are soo many), sharing the goodness and beauty of life
and bringing positivity and Love to the world. :)

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